Our Mission & Purpose

To create and provide opportunities for our nation’s heroes (military and first responders), and their families to connect and find healing through outdoor experiences.

This is done through: hunting, fishing and simply breathing fresh mountain air. We believe that every hero deserves the chance to be cared for. We also recognize those family members, spouses and children who support our heroes and believe that they also deserve opportunities for healing.

Outdoors with Heroes purpose is to serve our nation’s heroes. We will build stronger communities, heal hearts, minds and connect individuals in a meaningful way. We also believe that by doing this we will positively impact individuals and families for life.

Who Are Our Heros?

Military & First Responders

Military & First Responders

All those who have served and are serving, both military and first responders.


Tiny Heroes

All our children with special needs.
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Hero’s Heroes

These are those who support our Heroes and Tiny Heroes. We recognize they are the reason that our Heroes are continually able to serve and smile.

Our Mission for Outdoors with Tiny Heroes

To build lasting and uplifting relationships with our nation’s children of special needs.

This is done by connecting them to our Heroes and making positive memories with them in the outdoors.